Family Law Las Vegas

Family law is a huge area of practice, involving Divorces, Annulments, child support, child custody, Temporary Protective Orders ("TPOs"), Juvenile Court actions, name changes, Petitions for Emancipation, Domestic Partnerships, and any and all causes of action regarding domestic situations and children, including division of common property where the parties are not married. I do them all, and have done so for three decades, involving thousands of clients. Further, I have also prepared QUALIFIED DOMESTIC RELATIONS ORDERS (QDROs) myself for pensions of all descriptions: PERS, UNIONS, MILITARY, and for many civil defined benefit and defined contribution plans.  


On the day of a wedding, the two parties in love never feel it will end in divorce. Love, unfortunately, does not conquer all. Choosing to leave your husband or wife can be an emotional and scary time in your life. It is important you choose the best legal representation during this period as it can be a long drawn out process with many twists and turns along the way. Michael Root has served Las Vegas for over 35 in divorce proceedings. He is well known by the Las Vegas family courts and is known as one the premier attorneys in this field.  

All divorce matters are unique, and every situation is as different as the clients we represent. At the law offices of Michael Root, our goal is to provide personal attention while vigorously fighting and representing you in your case. Michael Root believes the best defense is a great offense. You will immediately feel at ease with his attention to detail, legal acumen and being prepared to handle all advocacy in the Family Courts of Las Vegas. His reputation has earned the respect of the Family Court judges and all opposing counsel alike.